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SAT Video Series

Learn at your own pace

Want to learn from home?


  • Pay Monthly:  $25/month ​

  • Pay Yearly:  $150/year

  • Our online SAT course covers ALL components of the SAT. 

    • Contains over 35 hours of material.

    • Contains all SAT lessons, including detailed overviews of Tests 1-4 in The Official SAT Study Guide.  

    • Monthly LIVE on-line lessons for all enrolled students using ZOOM Meetings.

      • Bring your questions and/or topics you'd like to review, and receive customized feedback!  Can view on any device.​

Crash Courses

Held the Weekend Before Major Test Dates (Oct. March, and May SAT's)

The SAT Crash Course has been extended from 4-hours to 6-HOURS!  

The SAT Crash Course is designed to help test-takers feel confident on test day, even if the test is only a week or two away!

  • 6-Hour two-day course

  • We focus on the most heavily tested topics from all three components of the SAT:  Math, Reading, and Writing

  • Students receive a Master Scholars Workbook and an answer key for future study

  • Students also receive a complimentary practice test to take and submit for scoring before the following weeks test

    • They will receive a detailed score report within 24 hours of submitting the answers, allowing for even more preparation!

Cost:  $199


QUALITY SAT Prep on a Budget

Our Best Per-Hour Prep Available


  • 35+ hour PLUS Video Series Access

  • This course has students use the SAT Video Series to supplement the in-class portion of the class. 

    • This allows the class sessions to be more efficient and focus more on student weaknesses and not straight lectures.

  • Students receive access to the Master Scholars Video Series and a copy of the Master Scholars Workbook (including a complimentary copy of The Official SAT Study Guide by CollegeBoard)

COST:  $399



The BEST SAT/ACT Prep Course in Central Florida!

Our Most Comprehensive Course Yet!

  • This course is ONLY accessed through small group classes (see "small group classes" information below for more details)

  • Over 32 Classroom hours and 4 Practice SAT's included

    • Each practice test includes an 11-page summary report of their performance​

  • Access to the Master Scholars Online Portal

    • Input HW answers into portal and get INSTANT feedback/scoring​

      • EVERY question (800+) has a video solution.  Tag questions you still don't get for the next class meeting.​

  • Uses the Complete SAT/ACT Study Guide.  Over 600 Pages and includes over 800 problems.


The Feel of Private Tutoring at a Discounted Price

Do you have a group of friends that want to prep together?  Form a Small Group Class!  Our Ultimate SAT and Hybrid SAT Courses can be customized to your schedule.  

  • Crash Course - 6 Hours

    • 2 Students - $350 per student

    • 3 Students - $300 per student​

    • 4 Students - $250 per student

    • 5+ Students - $200 per student

  • Hybrid Class - 18 Hours with Video Series Subscription

    • 2 Students - $750 per student

    • 3 Students - $690 per student

    • 4 Students - $500 per student

    • 5+ Students - $400 per student

  • The Ultimate Course - 28 Hours with MySAT Subscription

    • 2 Students - $1500 per student

    • 3 Students - $1400 per student

    • 4 Students - $1075 per student

    • 5+ Students - $875 per student


QUALITY SAT Prep on a Budget

We Have a Tutoring Package to Fit Every Budget!


  • Pay "by-the-hour":  $65/hr

  • All private tutoring students receive a complimentary copy of The SAT Video Series, The Master Scholars Student Workbook, and The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board

    • The Video Series is a great tool to allow tutoring sessions to be more efficient.  Students will be assigned custom work through the video series between sessions.  This allows each session to focus on student weaknesses, and not waste it on reviewing content that the child may already know.​

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