If you want the BEST test prep program in Central Florida, you've come to the right place.    Master Scholars now offers comprehensive courses for both the SAT and the ACT, and it is unlike anything available in the market today.  Why are we making such a radical claim?  Lets show you:

A SMARTER WAY TO STUDY:  Our system analyzes your student's initial full-length SAT or ACT test and tells us exactly which concepts to review in order to maximize your student's score.
REAL RESULTS ON REAL TESTS:  While other companies inflate their results by using tests they wrote, we don't play any of those games.  Our system delivers industry-leading score improvements on real SAT and ACT tests.

We offer free practice tests to schools and individual students.  All students receive the following DETAILED score report.

ONLINE SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS:  Our blended-learning system delivers instant on-line support.  Every problem on every lesson and quiz has its own detailed video soluntion.  THAT'S MORE THAN 80 HOURS OF VIDEO SOLUTIONS!
MORE EFFICIENT TUTORING SESSIONS:  Because assignments are graded and analyzed prior to the start of each tutoring session, we never waste time grading homework during a session.  The result is a dramatic improvement in tutoring efficiency!

Work the problems out of the book and enter your answers in the online portal.

Stuck?  Watch a video solution to the problem ON THE SPOT.

Still have questions?  Go ahead and flag it for your tutor and we will go over it during the next class!


CUSTOM ONLINE QUIZZES:  Our tutors create online quizzes that are 100% custom tailored to the needs of your student.  Every question on every quiz has been selected from our database of more than 3000 QUESTIONS.

Making quizzes is easy.  The tutor recognizes a weak area based off of student responses to homework and goes into the quiz portal

Step 1, select the subject.

Step 2, include the topics that need to be tested.

Step 3, input the questions (notice that we can see common student responses to each question)

Step 4, add a quick note and due date.

Now the quiz is ready to go!  These quizzes can be completely customizable and will be different for each class!

PROGRESS REPORTS - IN YOUR INBOX:  We offer a number of email alerts to help you keep track of your student's progress.  Sign up for weekly progress reports and we'll keep you in the loop, so you'll know exactly how your student is doing in the course.

We can send you multiple reports, based on your needs.

COURSE DETAILS:  The Master Scholars Supreme SAT Course contains 32 hours of live instruction, 4 Full Length practice SAT's (one before the course and three during), and access to the online portal which includes over 80 hours of video solutions.

The course lesson map

Scheduled practice tests, with a student summary which contains all areas of improvement.  There improvement areas come from the results of the students practice tests, quizzes, and homework.

The Ultimate SAT Course is a small group course exclusive.  Have some friends interested in this course?  contact us and we will set up a custom schedule.  To Enroll, click on the tab ENROLL NOW at the top of the page and follow the steps listed.
You can call us at 352-553-7917 with any questions.  You can also email us at