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Practice Test Breakdowns

When you take a Master Scholars SAT Course, you not only receive the most comprehensive and in-depth test prep program around, but you also receive student-specific data to help you identify your strengths and target your weaknesses as you continually improve your score on the test.  Take a look below to see what we offer! 

A SMARTER WAY TO STUDY:  Our system analyzes your student's full-length SAT test and tells us exactly which concepts to review in order to maximize your student's score.
REAL RESULTS ON REAL TESTS:  While other companies inflate their results by using tests they wrote, we don't play any of those games.  Our system delivers industry-leading score improvements on real SAT tests.

We offer free practice tests to schools and individual students.  All students receive the following DETAILED score report.

ONLINE SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS:  Our blended-learning system delivers instant on-line support.  Every problem on every test is aligned to coursework in our SAT Video Series.  WE OFFER MORE THAN 30 HOURS OF VIDEO TUTORIALS AND SOLUTIONS!
MORE EFFICIENT STUDYING:  Once you complete a practice test with Master Scholars, you receive immediate data that allows you to target your studying and improve your test scores even more!
Enroll now and see why we have been serving thousands of students for over 10 years!  
You can call us at 352-895-8092 with any questions.  You can also email us at
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