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Offering SAT Programs That Help You MASTER The SAT

What Makes Master Scholar's SAT Program Better?

  • We offer a FULL SAT live course in addition to free access to our Full Online SAT Video Series.

    • Video tutorials for EVERY SAT Concept (an ENTIRE COURSE online)

    • Graded lesson quizzes to test your knowledge

    • Have conversations with your instructor by leaving comments on videos

    • Video solutions for tests 1-4 of the Official SAT Study Guide

  • Our SAT practice tests provide detailed feedback that aligns with our course curriculum, making studying easier and more targeted.


When I was a student at UCF back in 2003, I worked for a local SAT Prep company.  The industry was built on providing a substandard product at a premium price.  Too many students were priced out of quality test prep services and I wanted to provide a top-notch program at a price that most people could afford; I wouldn't do this through sub-standard services. 

At Master Scholars, we strive to provide all our students with a world-class test prep experience.  Master Scholars provides premium online services, our own - continuously updated - course curriculum, and a philosophy dedicated to mastering one test and not creating a test prep conglomerate that pumps out test prep services for every assessment under the sun.  We've been able to successfully help thousands of students over the past 11 years reach their college and future goals, and we've only just begun!  


"I just wanted to give you an update on Olivia's SAT Scores!  Her math score was the eternal problem but I am thrilled to tell you that she got the 60 points and received the 1170 she needed and can get the Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship!! Thank you so much for your help and for adapting the 8 week session to the 4 weeks with individual.  I know you made the difference!"

Debra - Oviedo

"Very helpful and gave great advice/information about colleges and the SAT"

-Rachel, Altamonte Springs, FL


“I got a 152 on my sophomore PSAT (like a 1520 on SAT). After a summer of tutoring, my October SAT comes in and- ‘whoa,’ 2010! A 490 point difference is… a lot…”  Brendon, Oviedo, Florida


“Thought you might like to know that Shawnee did a wonderful job on her SAT from October.  Her scores were 640 – critical reading, 570 – math, and 600 – writing. This gives her a 1210 combo for the medallion level of Bright Futures!  We are sooo happy about this and cannot thank you enough for tutoring her last fall.”  Susan, Orlando

I took the New PSAT Crash Course last fall through Master Scholars.  I was very excited to find out that I am a National Merit Semi-Finalist earlier today and would like to thank you for all your help.  Sydney, Lake Mary








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